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Stacy Russon – Essential Emotions

Stacy Russon

My name is Stacy Russon and I have a passion to love! I have devoted my life to loving and understanding people for who they really are.
My story began as a teenager working with special needs children. I was captivated by the beauty of each soul struggling with physical, and mental impediments, yet bursting in energy and light. I watched as others managed behavior as a controlled symptom and my heart stretched in sorrow realizing that these precious souls, are defined by limitations that bind emotions. It is here I realized, we are all disabled. Some weaknesses are physical and very apparent, others are social or mental- these are largely hidden from view, but the common denominator in us all is emotional disability. Everyone is hurting and needs to feel loved!
Emotions color our perceptions and provide the basis for all our motivations. It is in the understanding of emotion that we are able to indentify and release the underlying problems that plague all of us with pain.
Over 15 years of comprehensive study carved in me a keen perception to see the gift of emotions- a language instructing the body to create energy. After years of counseling youth, adults and friends, I was introduced to doTERRA. I was finally given a tool, something tangible, that had the ability to change the way people feel. I was no longer limited to the love in my own heart reaching without bounds, now I was able to prescribe essential oils that could pull the soul to a higher energy, opening emotions and rooting them in a path of hope.
Citrus Bliss is the first oil I purchased to lift my teenage son from a low mood, in a trying year. The effect was so significant, he sold his ipod to have $ to buy more oils. My contribution in the development of the Essential Emotions curriculum is the research of application. I reverence the body and I am passionate about helping all people understand the power of emotions and the matched supportive strength found in essential oils. Love and blessings to each of you on your journey!