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Cherie Burton – Essential Emotions

Cherie Burton

I'm Cherie Burton and this Essential Emotions curriculum has been a wonderful collaborative project for me to be involved with! Having used doTERRA essential oils from their beginning - over 7 years now - I was always drawn to their power to support emotional wellness. After a couple of years of learning about and using oils on friends and family (with a particularly powerful outcome with one of my children) I desired to broaden my outreach with Mood Management & Essential Oils. This is how I started my doTERRA business and it has been a growing global passion ever since!
Currently our family of 7 is living in New Zealand. We came here to grow closer together and to expand our family's mission, being blessed with the freedom and purpose that Blue Diamond leadership in doTERRA offers.
My background is in psychology and sociology, having worked as a group therapist in a variety of clinical settings. I have found joy as a business, leader and life coach for women and absolutely love to research and write. Hopefully my book will be out later this year! Wellness, Beauty, Wholeness is the signature theme of my audios, training programs, and blog on www.cherieburton.com.